How to Make Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich in 2023 at Home.

My Type Recipes are introducing the super tasty and healthy meal option you’ve been looking for Copycat Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich! Learn more about this delicious sandwich today. Which is a Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich – the perfect way to enjoy a tasty and nutritious meal without compromising on flavor. With 100% real chicken breast cooked to perfection, fresh lettuce, tomato, and your choice of creamy mayo or spicy sandwich sauce, you can’t go wrong with this delicious sandwich!


Wendy's Grilled Chicken Sandwich


Overview of the Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

The Grilled Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s is a mouth-watering experience that doesn’t skimp on flavor. Made with 100% real chicken breast, fresh lettuce and tomato, plus your choice of creamy mayo or spicy sandwich sauce – this healthy meal option will satisfy even the most discerning palette. Paired perfectly with crispy french fries or a side salad, you can enjoy where flavor meets nutrition.


Customization Options for Your Sandwich.

The Grilled Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s is designed to give you lots of options. You can choose from creamy mayo or spicy sandwich sauce. For the perfect protein fix, top your sandwich with crispy bacon and add a slice of cheese if you like. There’s also 30 different toppings available for you to create your own unique combination just the way you like it! And you’ll have peace of mind knowing that each sandwich contains fewer than 350 calories – making it an ideal meal choice no matter what your dietary goals are.


Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich Calories.

One Grilled Chicken Sandwich provides 280 calories, 8g of fat, 1.5g saturated fat, 37g of carbohydrates, 4g of fiber, 5g of sugar, and 23g of protein. It also contains cholesterol levels at 45mg and sodium levels at 580mg. A single serving also provides 20% daily value in Vitamin A and 15% daily value in Vitamin C. The Grilled Chicken Sandwich is an excellent option for those who want to enjoy a tasty meal without the guilt!


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Tips for Serving the Grilled Chicken Sandwich at Home.

The Grilled Chicken Sandwich is an incredibly versatile dish that can be enjoyed by everyone. To make the sandwich even more delicious, try adding your favorite toppings like lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onions. You can also spice it up with condiments like honey mustard, ranch dressing, or mayonnaise. For a more filling meal experience, pair it with waffle fries for ultimate flavor satisfaction!


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How to Make Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich at Home


Make your favorite Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich at home! Follow our Easy Step-by-Step Guide and you’ll have an authentic copycat version in no time. Craving a Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich, but don’t want to leave the house? With this easy-to-follow recipe, you can make your own version of the classic sandwich in no time. All you need is a few ingredients and some time in the kitchen and you’ll have a delicious copycat version of the fast-food favorite.


Gather your ingredients.

Wendy's Grilled Chicken Sandwich


Before you start making your Grilled Chicken Sandwich, make sure you have all the ingredients ready. You’ll need boneless chicken breasts, olive oil, garlic powder, salt, black pepper powder, lemon juice and hamburger buns. Optional ingredients are mayonnaise and lettuce if you’d like to add them for extra flavor and crunch!


Now Marinate the chicken with herbs and spices.

Begin by marinating the chicken breasts. Pat them dry with paper towels and place them in a shallow baking dish. Drizzle the olive oil overtop, then add in the garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice on top for additional flavor and then use your hands to coat the chicken evenly. Cover the dish and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes and up to 2 hours.



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Prepare a creamy yogurt-based sauce.

In a medium bowl, whisk together 1/2 cup of plain Greek yogurt, 1 tablespoon of red wine vinegar, and 2 teaspoons of honey. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. This rich and creamy sauce will perfectly complement the juicy chicken and fresh veggies for our sandwich. Cover the bowl and put it into the refrigerator until you’re ready to assemble your sandwich.

Assemble the Sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, and onion.

Once your chicken is cooked, it’s time to assemble the sandwich. Start by placing 2 slices of whole grain bread on a plate or cutting board, followed by a lettuce leaf, two tomato slices, and a few thin onion slices. Add the cooked grilled chicken cutlet and top with two tablespoons of the creamy sauce that you prepared earlier. Finally, add one more lettuce leaf and the other slice of bread to complete your sandwich and enjoy!

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Serve or chill until ready to enjoy!

Once your sandwich is finished, you can serve it right away or chill it in the refrigerator until ready to enjoy! This grilled chicken sandwich tastes best served cold, so we recommend chilling it for at least 15 minutes before digging in. Serve with a side of French fries or your favorite condiments and enjoy!

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