5 Ingredient Chicken Salad Recipe

I tried this 5 Ingredient Chicken Salad Recipes when I was in a hurry and that's the moment I decided to share this recipe with you.

To make our 5 Ingredient Chicken Salad Recipes, you'll need the following essentials:

1. Chicken Breast: Choose boneless and skinless chicken breasts for a lean and tender result. You can either cook the chicken yourself or use Rotisserie chicken for added convenience.

2. Lettuce: Opt for your favorite variety of lettuce, such as romaine or mixed greens. Wash and chop the lettuce into bite-sized pieces for easy eating.

3. Cherry Tomatoes: These little bursts of flavor add a refreshing element to the salad. Slice them in half to release their juicy goodness.

4. Cucumbers: Crisp and crunchy cucumbers provide a refreshing contrast to the other ingredients. Slice them into thin rounds or dice them for added texture.

5. Dressing: A simple vinaigrette or creamy dressing of your choice will tie all the ingredients together. You can use store-bought dressings or make your own using basic pantry staples. I am using plain yogurt instead of mayonnaise for dressing.